3 Looks for Stunning Senior Photos

April 7, 2020

Look #1: Semi-Casual Neutral Wear

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More often than not, this option is the MOST commonly worn of the three looks. Why Does it matter? Well, with a solid, neutral, patternless outfit such as a short dress or crisp collared shirt and tie, it will compliment your brand new cap and gown perfectly. You worked hard for years to get them, so why distract from what you’re celebrating?! Often, people opt to wear only this look if they’re doing a short senior photo session or if they’re a bit lost on what to wear.

We definitely recommend wearing 2-3 outfits so you can express who you are at this stage of your life! However, if nothing else, This is the perfect all-around graduation look if you only have time for one!

What’s included in this look:

Women: White, black, beige, etc. dress or dressy top paired with jeans. Wedges, flats, or heels.

Men: Crisp white, black, beige, etc. dress shirt, belted neutral slacks, an optional tie, and dress shoes.

Look #2: Campus Casual

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This may be a surprising one! But showing who you are right now is so important! How can this look be achieved? Well there’s a couple ways you can approach it… the most chosen is to rep your school! What do you wear for football games, school events, or your sport? Wear that! In a few years, these clothes might be buried in the back of your closet collecting dust even though it may be your most-worn item right now. So show it off!

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Another way to accomplish this is if you’re particularly proud of your fashion sense or have a signature look you rep around campus. This can be anything from slippers and sweatpants to a preppy type-A style. A magazine cover-worthy grunge look, to VSCO girl chic. This look is to truly see you in these photos. Not every other person and their mother who’s graduated in the past 40 years. Make it you – even if it’s out of the box.

This look is entirely customizable (**as is the location!)

Look #3: Fit + Formal

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Here’s the one for Mom and Dad. Many relatives often love to see how you’ve changed while in school! So this is your chance to amaze them! These are the one’s that’ll make grandma call your mom and say, “wow, they’ve turned into such a lovely young adult.”

And you know what? Maybe one day you’ll look back and see your growth from these too.

This photos may not include cap and gown, so if you’re a wild wearer, go crazy. Whip out your sky-high heels, neck scarves, over-the-top accessories, cheetah print, and plaid. Just because your photo is being taken doesn’t mean you should tone down the ‘you’ you’ve become. Go hard.

Ultimately, you’re here to shine. These photos aren’t supposed to be cookie-cutter duplicates. Make them different! Make them original! Make them YOU! Ultimately we’ll make sure you look fantastic in your photos no matter what you show up in. Congratulations on graduating!